Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Corey: Rehearsal

The first rehearsal was shaky. Since taking over the lead role of my film, the pressure has intensified. I am not an actor, or at least, not in the capacity which is required by this film. I wrote this with Matthew in mind. Now, it is up to me.

I approached this film as a poetic performance, a beat performance. I was quickly taught by Corey and Fae, that this is probably not the course of action this character requires. I was encouraged to focus on a more "human" element, creating a more realistic and natural performance. I tried.

We need more time, more rehearsal. I am extremely stressed by this new situation. I was very much looking forward to actually sitting behind the camera and directing! Now I am here, in this new mess.

I have two excellent teachers, who have taken the time to offer their advice and instruction. I have a long road ahead.

The coolest part of the evening, for me, was when, after rehearsing, I began to show Corey the sketches of the Phoenix by Jay Botello. Corey began to make sketches of his own, taking the design into different directions. I was very pleased with the ideas presented, and I asked if he knew of anyone who was a seamstress. I was half-way joking, yet he flipped open his phone and began dialing someone named Paulette.


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