Sunday, October 23, 2005

Searching for Matthew

The Fest is steadily approaching, as are the Holidays, Birthdays, financial planning, work...and I have decided to shoot an entire feature film!

With that said, I am making preparations for rehearsals, a reshoot and studio time. I have hard decisions to consider, and I have to make all this happen, NOW! So I go out in search of Matthew...

This could be a movie in itself! Matthew is a hippy-poet vagabond, with no car and no phone. He lives in Downtown Tulsa above someone's garage. Last I heard, he was working for a catering service for pharmaceutical companies.

I went his home Friday night. The lights were out, so walked back to the street, to my van, and I wrote him a note. I taped two quarters to the note so he could call me from a pay phone. I left. My plan is for a rehearsal this coming Wednesday; it is now Sunday. No phone call.


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