Saturday, November 12, 2005

My Birthday: Easy Day with Good Friends

Fae had several ideas for my Birthday that included Bricktown in OKC with friends or a simple and secluded diversion in Eureka Springs. I wanted something simple and less expensive. My thought was that we could have a simple day with friends.

We met at Cafe Cubana with Bret, and Derick and Jes. We had coffee and wonderful conversation! We talked about the film, and many ideas were introduced.

Bret had the idea for a blue-screen effects sequence for the Hall of Mirrors chapter. He paced back and forth over a cigarette as he defined the logistics of the shoot. We would need a metronome. He was very excited.

Fae's idea was an action shot, involving camera technique to simulate the Phoenix, rising in flight. She has contributed other ideas as well; they will be defined later.

Derick was performing in the Drunkard that evening, so he had to leave, as did Jes. The remaining three closed the joint, and we reconvened outside and drank more coffee and smoked cigars. Fae played her beloved Starling, much to the delight of Bret and I.

Bret parted ways, and Fae and I found ourselves at the Wild Fork for dinner. Afterwards, we met up with Corey at Caz's. The night was filled with cigar smoke and the local color singing along, but not necessarily in time, to the Queen, Bad Company and Foreigner emanating from the juke box.

My only complaint was my inability to obtain even the slightest buzz, much less careening drunk! Dinner had left me with an uncomfortably full stomach, so the richness of drink and smoke was not easy.

The night was enjoyed by many...even an ex or two showed up to sit and grumble in their own little corner before leaving!


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