Tuesday, December 12, 2006

$$$ vs. Art

I just received an e-mail update from Nikki Sixx...I recently tried to update my IMDB page, and I just finished watching "American Movie". These things are combining in my mind, fortifying the assault wave for even more revelations in this systemic chaos controlled within - the storm bleedeth dry. I am moving...

My mind is in motion. I am an observer. I observe people, though most people think I may be staring, gawking or just plain stalking, I am merely observing. I observe surroundings, actions and consequences...I am aware of it all.

In recent episodes of myself in the 'everyday', I noticed myself writing text to my actions and behavior in response to those around me, as if I were writing the book around myself.

Yet, today, I bring you this: we are not here for integrity or knowledge or even wisdom, we are here for bloody fucking $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$! No news here, of course, and I have been down this road many times and I have written the same message, many times. The Oklahoma Film Group promotes Wal Mart bargain bins instead of supporting their local knowledge base, such as Top Hat Costumes and Gifts. The city of Tulsa awards a chain as its "BEST" while decapitating the money-mongers primary competition, the small business owner...yes, we've been through that before! In fact...I get sick and fucking tired of talking about it.

The new development is in the artists and art groups themselves. Let's start with Nikki. The website sells all of the memorabilia from the tour, the Nikki's choker, buy the tour book, buy this lock of hair! IMDB (Internet Movie DataBase) is not any different, although, upsetting to say the least. Fifty-four dollars to share your picture and resume, another thirty or forty dollars to upload a poster to your film's page...take, take, take. I can understand a film forum or group having membership dues and such, but there are ads on IMDB, so why does it have to cost at every turn? Fifteen twenty bucks...okay! I'd do that. I am angered and driven to action, once again.

"American Movie" was absolutely one of the most amazing documentaries I've seen in some time, and "Coven" was great. I use to see amazing shorts such as that, and I miss that; it was a much-missed breath of fresh air. The only thing that made me sad, was his (Mark's) longing for that 'American Dream', and the house with the car and the money. I miss Bohemia. I miss HIS existence! I miss the ragged metal and smoky bar underground, man! I look forward, not to wealth and luxury, but the state of being laid back and cool. The 'American Dream' is stepping on the is what keeps people like him held is what keeps the rich thriving in a country that is so fortunate, that every man, and especially woman and child should be fed and cared for medically; we should not have any homeless, and yet we do. We should not have sick and dying, but we do.

If you run yourself down to the bone, and people witness, then there is the doesn..t matter if you are paid or compensated, so long as someone is there to witness. We should not have people work so hard for their dreams only to be ignored...but we do.

"Oh, beautiful, for spacious skies..."


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