Saturday, October 21, 2006

Living as Death

Unfortunately, kiddies, this is not a sinister excerpt of fabled Halloween lore, although it is the season! Instead, I bring you another stark revelation in everyday observation that no one will understand.

Last night, I acquire a flat on Ol' Blue; this morning, I drive the car, with its spare in place, to the Discount Tire down the street. I walk home, wait and then return later to retrieve the car. As I breach the perimeter of my apartment complex and hit the overpopulated highway, I begin walking against the grain of parasitic automobiles, plaguing the beauty around me. I take note of the drivers and passengers in their picture window tombs, their expressions read of rigor mortise and soulless vacancy. A young Asian girl's head is attached to her cell phone, her head cocked to the side, leaning into the device and her face like a discarded wad of paper. The scene remains the same from car to car. I don't think it is a problem of people not living as much as the reality that people live in a chosen state of decay, living as death.


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