Monday, November 08, 2004

A Beautiful Saturday

Aside from the wonderful adventures of creation during the day, Fae and I attended the second night of Essential Elements, a ballet presented at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center. I wanted to thank her for the intensity of work she applied to the film festival poster, so I bought balcony tickets for the Saturday performance.

We arrived and, again, found ourselves lost with the multiple levels, twists and turns, and many doorways. We were early, so we discovered coffee and waited.

Neither of us had seen a show from the balcony at the PAC. It was very steep and very warm. The view was rather decent.

The ballet was in three parts: Torque, Without Words and Fingerprints.

Torque was like an appetizer; it was fun and full of color and grace. It was elegant, but not as intense. The dancers wore brilliant, neon-like costumes as they danced across an almost chalkboard surface. It reminded me of a Trompe l'oeil painting I saw at the Philbrook Museum.

Without Words was a divine example of human movement. Various numbers of dancers would intertwine with each other, creating mosaics of limbs and thoughts. Photographs were projected on the screen behind them. The stage was lit with a gradient, moving from light (front of the stage) to dark (back of the stage). The dancers would appear as silhouettes, fading in and into focus. The music was solo piano and solo cello.

Fingerprints was my favorite. Male and female dancers, adorned in unique skirts of wind-like material, created visual impressions independently and in unison. The music was almost tribal and Eastern. The dancers moved in and out of light, appearing as ghosts at first, and then emerging as butterflies! Between the light and the dark, the women's skirts would glow brilliant purple as they danced, hips swaying and back turned toward the audience. The men dancing above and around the women, with their garments flowing in time with human movement.

This was a beautiful end to a beautiful night on this beautiful day. Thank you, Fae, for sharing beauty with me once again!


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