Friday, October 15, 2004

Poetic Discourse

As I mentioned in "Festival Update #3", I am revisiting my poetry, not necessarily days of poetry past. I feel like words may, again, find their way into aging hands and the various pen strokes of emancipated verse. It is something I have not felt since last November, the last time I performed. It has been even longer since I have written.

I think that I will always write. It is something that is given to our humanity, our language and our individual sense of awareness. Writing channels the relevance of our purpose in the Universe. It is with this purpose, as with that of the creative gift, that I pursue writing in all forms.

So despite the fact that I have surrendered to this spiritual sabbatical, I knew that I would return to the poetic field with a renewed sense of being. My poetry found a new home and a new form within my screenplays, my songs and my fiction. I have volumes of poetry from two years of writing and performance. It is enough for two volumes of poetry of serious mass, and that is a long term project that I may return to at some point. I have made reprints of my second chapbook, The New Poetry Volume One. I plan to scour these pages and reacquaint myself with words spoken nearly a year ago. This opens the door to Volume Two, which could be complete with relative ease. As I travel abroad, I have the opportunity to express and share my words/thoughts/feelings with new people, people that may (with any hope) appreciate art or the tribulations of expressing oneself through art. I can sell chapbooks to perpetuate the filmmaking process, and I can, once again, change the world. With these words, I feel good.

I have other projects that also demand my attention. I have not, as of yet, committed my handwritten autobiographical opus, 1973, to typed form. This is a multi-chapter piece that is no less than my life from birth to the eve of my 29th Birthday, in which the twenty-nine page introspection was unveiled. It was well received, and has been read only once or twice since that night. An excerpt from 1973 was used in the Blue November Creations Promo, designed and shot on Mini DV by Bret Mix for last year's festival. I feel it is powerful work, and I am proud to have created those pages.

What was the reason for my disembarking from this verbal theatre? People...times...places. I worked very hard to create an artistic atmosphere for the artist and audience. There is so much disrespect in the world, and at times, I think Tulsa has become the focal point. Even our arts community is pretentious and rude. There are those places of respite, but the energy here is predominantly negative. I have survived by creating my own success, my own environment, my own energy. This place is intellectual and artistic death.

I think that, in regards to my recent reflection of poetry past, my words will become a definite element alongside my films. Through various outlets and through my website, I may be able to sell chapbooks and, eventually, published books. It is also my intention of "giving away" select poetry, by submitting complete works on the web, and previews of additional poetry. I think it always important to share art.

Captain out.


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