Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Spiraling, in the celluloid dream...

The first born creations of Blue November are swirling in the air of the masses, with a smile poised and ready to strike, and the Mad Man's passionate potion of philosophical piracy tingling on fingertips, cocked and loaded, with the push-button of a pen; mightier than the sword, or a sword in sheep's clothing!

I have sent both creations abroad: Denver Underground, Philadelphia Underground and Music Philm Festival, Phoenix, Troma, Undergroundfilm.Org and the Festival of Horror. Each an opportunity for either rejection or acceptance, and each a new chapter in the journey. I will reveal more, as the story continues...

I am in a constant focal point. My thoughts are trained on this feature film, of which I will say little. I have the dream alive in my head, and it is traveling. I have so many thoughts on the matter that it would be impossible to sit and write at this moment. Time will come!

Derick and Jes, good friends, have arrived in the Port of Tulsa. Their energy is welcome, and they bring stories and fluttering spirits of creative starbursts and joy.

My lovely one, Fae, has been doing so well with the evil torment of Mid West tendencies. Her beauty cannot hide, and it always shines. She makes me smile.

Christopher Reeve has died, but not in vain.

The [Tulsa] Fair has come and gone. No more corn dogs or "whatever-you-want-on-a-stick" least for awhile. The Gin Blossoms and Loverboy offered magical musical moments. Sigh.

I am at work (creatively)! A nice little escape from Tulsa is in the future. A chance to relax and focus, and to scout locations!

I will bring more to life, when the moment consumes me.

Stay groovy, cosmic travelers!

Captain out.


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