Monday, November 08, 2004

Festival Update #6

Saturday, the 6th of November was scheduled as our Pre-Screening for the Judges. Cathy was in St. Louis and Hopper was experiencing difficulty with the Demon Mustang from Hell. So Patrick Crane from VOX Magazine in OKC was our only Judge. We arrived shortly after his arrival and we made the phone call to Dave, our technician from OSU-Tulsa's CIC Department, who allowed our entry. The day was filled with rays of Sun and good spirits. Fae was beaming, as usual, and we began the day's adventure with a smile, and coffee.

Dave allowed me to run the operation while he tended to other matters. The console and the control station are amazing. Everything operates by a simple touch screen.

I explained the judging process to Patrick, and the films began. It was great to see these films as they will be seen on the Nineteenth and Twentieth. Some modulation in the sound levels is required, but the overall translation of the films is excellent!

Shortly after the second film, Corey Cheney of the Urban Tulsa arrived. I had invited him to sit in and get a feel for the festival, and to have the opportunity to see a preview. We had also agreed on the time and place for an interview. We watched the films for two hours, pausing from time to time for breaks and the occasional visitor, such as Neil Cluck, our Awards Designer.

Neil was invited to showcase his work. He arrived about halfway through the films, carrying a simple cardboard box filled with crumpled paper. As he placed the box on the floor and began removing the paper, everyone turned, with fixated glances and curious grins, waiting for the unfinished art piece to be unveiled.

From the box was a flowing, irregularly shaped Plexiglas base, adorned with two pieces of multicolored and varnished wood. The woodgrain was alive with the many splendored colors. Each piece was tapered, curved and twisted in a musical contortion of rhythm and song. His smile was proud. Everyone stared and gasped; from Patrick's and Corey's direction, a simple "cool!" was whispered.

From there, we finished the films, ending with my second film, which will be presented as an exhibition piece. I received kind and encouraging words from the critique of both critics. Patrick made his departure, and I remained with Corey for our interview.

We began with a discussion about George Lucas and the validity of the Prequels in the General Star Wars Universe. We had many interjections of various tangents during the course of our interview. I believe the questions were greatly overshadowed by the mutual commentary. Alas, this, too, had to end. I am unsure of the exact nature of what this interview will become, but at least it is press.

Fae is my Production Assistant. While Corey and I talked, she was mapping the lobby. Placement of the exhibitors and the traffic flow is vital. She is an amazing person, and her presence is always welcome.

The exhibitors are Blue November Creations, H.O.P.E. Testing, Circle Cinema, Neil Cluck, Ali Pullen, Fae Wiedenhoeft, Lindsey McCarty and others to be announced. The filmmakers, themselves, will be displayed throughout the lobby, by means of bio and production info presented on poster boards and easels. Those in attendance will be able to walk about and read about the people behind the films! We also hope to have merchandise from our After Party bands.

Cathy and Hopper will have their chance to view the films this Wednesday.

Neil is continuing the process of constructing the ten awards that will be presented to the lucky filmmakers on the final night of the festival. The name plates, from House of Trophies in Claremore, will be ready by Tuesday.

Corey will notify me of the interview status, and Patrick will be seen, once again, on the Eve of the event.

So, we left the campus and made our way to Kilkenny's for a bite. Our day was prosperous and we were weary, but content. Our day here, is done.


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