Sunday, March 27, 2005

March 17th @ Cain's

Elvis Costello...someone I have never listened to with any sincere capacity. We have tickets...Nick, Fae and I, and we are Downtown Bound in Nicky's Pimpadelic Hot Rod from the South Side. We park near our post-concert destination, and begin the walk towards the enormous line running the length of the abandoned sidewalk from Cain's Ballroom.

While in line, I find myself in a conversation over Episode III and Battlestar Galactica with a man I would easily picture in a biker bar. The doors open...

As for the first few moments, all I have to say is that I hate beer in a can! We find friends, and a perch to the right and to the front of the stage. The opening act is Tift Merrit, a country-singing woman from North Carolina. The interesting thing is, she was moving her body provocatively despite the fact that her expression and her appearance, that of a soccer mom, were completely opposite of her body language. The music was fair, but as we discussed, it seemed to routine and rehearsed.

Then Elvis Costello walked onto the stage. Playing favorites, as well as many tracks from his new album, he was a crowd pleaser and motivator. Elvis had amazing interaction with the crowd and a love for the venue; he is a storyteller and a showman. The night was finished with a simple acoustic song, where he left the amplification of the microphone and walked to the edge of the stage, still singing! This was incredible...and it could have been more incredible if Tulsans were not so stupid, and they knew magic when they saw it. When they finally quieted, the song was over.

A wonderful night of music was completed with more than a few rounds at the local pub. Since Nick was driving, I found myself floating on the usual alcoholic cloud.


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