Saturday, March 05, 2005

"Solid" Update for March 5th

Despite the discouragement of losing Utica Square, alternate happenstance has smiled favorably upon us. I spoke with Matthew at his new pad on Thursday night, I have developed a few new ideas and I have two new locations to scout!

Matthew has lived in a variety of transcendental domiciles. When I first began work with Matthew, I picked him up from a house just North of 15th, between Yale and Harvard; we were traveling to Muskogee to a film festival I no longer support. The next place was Curtis Andrew Beckwith's little "Cottage", a small house outside of his own. In an upstairs apartment of the same house, Matthew lived just recently...and now, he has moved into an upstairs garage apartment on North Denver.

I love Bohemian artists refuge dwellings. It always appear that it could be vacated at any moment, and the resulting residual artifacts would be an amazing archeological find of manifested self significance. It is here that Matthew, Holly and I spoke of things to come.

I updated Matthew on the successful scouting mission, and of the perpetually flowing groove of the script. "It is taking us to amazing places," I tell him, and I am pleased to find that he was totally into the first vignette after reading it. We discussed and viewed wardrobe; after viewing the selection at hand, I decided that I will purchase his wardrobe from various thrift stores, and that will give me the look I want for the character.

So I have new ideas on additional scenes for textural enhancement and so forth. There will definitely be many superimposed shots in this film. I will utilize two methods: the first is done in the camera with a changing bag, the other is Plattsburgh Photographic in Pennsylvania. Michael Baumgarten will completely rewind your Super 8 cartridge for $9.

I have a dilemma. I wanted to shoot at least a couple of scenes in the dead of Winter with dead grass. Since we did not have a Winter, the grass is already springing up! The scene for Mother is the most important; I wanted rolling hills with a cold landscape. I still have yet to find that location, but an idea was presented to me by one of Matthew's friends...Tall Grass Prairies! It resides slightly North of Osage Hills, the Park where Fae and I spent the weekend.

And today I go shopping for wardrobe, and I am going to scout a location for the current vignette in which I am currently writing, Memory.

News at Eleven.


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