Sunday, March 06, 2005

Wandering through Tulsa

Yesterday was an astounding day for me. I updated my info on the web, and submitted some of my art. I met the beautiful Fae for lunchtime adventures. I then proceeded to scout further locations for "Solid" throughout the Tulsa Area.

I am currently writing on the chapter entitled Memory, which also happens to be the character's name. This location is still being decided. I chose a location, and I shot digital pictures from every angle...including the "NO TRESPASSING" sign. I have not decided yet, but I will probably shoot there anyway. I will shoot early on a Sunday Morning when everyone else is in church.

I also captured a few images on 61st Street, between Harvard and Yale, that may be used as an alternate location for the same scene. On that same street, I also took a picture of an outside wall that may be the set for an optional scene.

I was able to pickup some 400 ft. Super 8 reels for $2 from Wolf Camera. Very cool!

I acquired some new pipe tobacco from Ted's Pipe Shop in Utica Square. I am looking forward to a pipefull this afternoon.

Finally, I stopped by the local Salvation Army store at 21st and Sheridan. I searched through the clothing for Matthew's costume. I want Earth tones for his character. I found a sweater with tans, whites and soft browns...the pants are a stony brown, and they are corduroy! I am on the quest, today, for an undershirt and a bright orange scarf. I spent a total of $8. It is so easy to budget a film, once you leave the Hollywood/American perception of things.

Money does not make the world go round...people do.


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