Sunday, July 10, 2005

Meeting with Matthew

I have not seen nor heard from Matthew in quite some time. I recently began trying to reach him, and this last Friday I spoke with him for the first time in weeks. I decided to meet him on Sunday to discuss the future of the project.

The footage is, more or less, useless. There may be some redemption for the eleven reels, but the scenes will have to be shot again.

Sunday evening, I finally receive the call from Matthew. I had been running many errands that left little time for me to sit at home and relax, so I was almost hoping to free myself from this meeting. He makes a dinner run and I finish my trip before embarking toward Shades of Brown Coffeehouse.

Matthew is there waiting for me. I order water and a Spicy Latte, and we step outside so he can smoke a cigarette. I begin talking to him, seriously, about the shoot. It is imperative that he knows the script forwards and back, if our future efforts are to be a success. He understands this.

Our location shoot yielded an undesirable soundtrack, and since Matthew was grossly unfamiliar with his lines (and performance) during the first shoot, we could not use the footage. We needed an accurate performance in order to recreate a precise overdub.

I stressed the importance and potential of this film, and I offered him the option of bailing. He declines. Though he has not performed in this capacity before, he is excited about the challenge. I am happy to hear this, and the overall feeling of this gathering leaves me with positivity and hope.

I am not without fault. I think it is important for Directors to be real, and fair. In fact, I think this is a good trait no matter what your background or profession may be. As I admitted to Matthew, we did not have ample rehearsal time prior to the shoot. My pledge is to correct this in the future.

I will have the script edit completed this week, and once completed, I will begin pre-production. I have one of my cameras being inspected by an engineer, and I am looking into fundraising options for our film purchases.

I am looking forward to the process of creating a motion picture.


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