Monday, June 27, 2005

STAGE III Festival Update 6/27/05

I have already received over a half dozen films thus far. I have been creating flyers, promoting via e-mail, trying to coax the local press to actually acknowledge our existence, and I have been making new contacts.

This is our current status:

The awards have been reduced to only three categories - Best Auteur, Best Local Artist and Best Picture. The three judges will remain, although they have not been chosen as of yet. Neil Cluck has signed on board for the awards construction as one of our Featured Artists.

I have spoken with Jared Tyler about playing at the After Party. We are still in negotiations.

Josh Massad is composing and choreographing two or three musical numbers for the festival's introduction each night, and possibly a performance at the After Party. The Intro Performance will involve acoustic drums of all varieties, belly dance, interpretive dance and African dance.

As I have stated before, we have the entirety of both days at OSU-Tulsa. So much is possible! If the local press does their job, this festival will make a definite mark in this city.


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