Sunday, June 26, 2005

"Solid" is complete!

In an effort to send as much material as possible, I spent the better of the day finishing the last part of the script. As you may recall, I had introduced a few smaller sub-chapters into the fray. In the end, only two of those remain, Hall of Mirrors and The Theater. I chose to delete the chapter entitled The Waiting Room. The two that remained were finished during the week. My final obstacle was writing for the enigmatic character of Awakening, the last of the six Elements and the character I will portray during production. The challenge here is that I wanted to set this chapter apart from the others, and I chose to utilize phrases and themes from my poetry in the proliferation of the character's dialogue.

Somewhere in the evening, around eight o'clock, I typed the final words onto the screen. The results are this: 50 single-spaced pages and 386 camera angles. I am told that traditional scripts are double-spaced, thus providing a fairly accurate 1 page per 1 minute ratio. Since, I rarely do anything by the book, I am estimating the film to run approximately 100 minutes.


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