Saturday, November 19, 2005

Paulette at Cafe Cubana: Fabric Samples

We met Paulette, we being Fae and I, at Cafe Cubana in order to review the first samples for the [Phoenix] costume. We arrived, tired as usual, and we ordered our coffee. Paulette loves Hancock Fabrics, and she did most of her shopping there. She acquired a number of different samples of green and orange variations. There were different textures and patterns, although I am not savvy on the latter. It is my desire to have bold, unique colors.

We looked over the fabric and decided, unanimously, that we liked one swatch of orange. The unfortunate thing is it costs over twenty-one dollars a yard. The cloak/cape will need in excess of five yards of fabric. It was at this point that I declared we need to cap the budget for this project at two hundred dollars. We agreed that this fabric costs too much at this time.

Fae was measured for her costume. This is an important step. The next decision was made, and Paulette will keep looking for fabric.

The final decision of the day, was what would be prominent color of the cloak? We all decided that orange should be the exterior, dominant color and green would be the interior. This will result in the dress underneath the cloak being primarily green with accents of orange.


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