Monday, January 30, 2006

Reflecting Back into the Month: Matthew

Although I cannot remember the actual Sunday in which this took place, I feel the need to tell this tale, as it were.

I was looking forward to visiting Caz's on a Sunday eve, and I was able to meet both Bret and Eric for beer and cigars, as well as a nice pipe full! So, here we are! Bret and I made discussion about the upcoming film shoot, the one that would later be cancelled, and then Eric arrived.

It was a good night! I had about four dollars in the jukebox, a good German beer and a wonderful, well-kept Romeo y Julieta; the boys were doing quite well themselves. It was then, that I noticed an annoying blast-from-the-past, the smarmy Val. I had not seen this guy in over two years, and I used to call him "friend" actuality, it was the other way around. I was everybody's friend! He made a feeble attempt to enter the "scene", where we were. Bret remembers him and the dislike that most hold for Val. Val was always a talker. While he was talking about making a movie, I was shooting one. While he was explaining a thought, I was performing my thoughts. And now, again he appears. I am doubtful that much has changed, and his actions prove accurate, as he tries to near the table, where we sit and discuss the film in progress! His behavior mirrors that of his fellow Gypsy dwellers and their childish, melodramatic ways. Sensing that there is not a place for him at this table, he moves on.

The next event is both amusing and slightly irritating. I look out toward the bar, and I see none other than Matthew! It wasn't awkward seeing him, or even speaking to him. He came and apologized, which was cool. I have nothing against him. He is up to his neck in work, and that is fine. What I did not care for was the statement he made about the script. I don't care if you don't like my work. Nobody says you have to. Matthew tells me he still has his copy, that he read it, and then made notes about various things and inconsistencies.

This is where I have a problem. For anyone that knows me, I am open to ideas and suggestions, but when I decide on something, it is set! It is done, and for a reason. It is my vision, my film, my creation. That is, to a certain degree, sacred. I spent over six months on this script, writing and rewriting and checking everything before it was committed to the final version. I am suddenly aware that by not having Matthew on board for this film, I have saved myself a great deal of problems.