Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Meeting with Paulette

Yesterday, I met with Paulette, once again, at Kafe Bona. Paulette is our costume designer and seamstress for the production of Solid.

More fabric samples were acquired, and we reviewed the choices. I want two unique shades of orange, and two unique shades of green. As I explained to Paulette, I don't want a standard color, but I do not want a color that is way off in left field. My goal is to have colors that fit somewhere in between. I want two distinct shades of each, because the cloak will be orange and green, whereas the interior dress will be the inverse green and orange; I want the colors to be separate yet complimenting at the same time.

She agreed that more research is needed. I still do not have what I am looking for, with the exception of one sample that is over twenty dollars a yard. I honestly do not have the funds for this until January, so we have suspended construction until then. In the meantime, Paulette continues the search.

Another thing we established is the work time involved in this costume. We are allowing three weeks for construction time.


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