Saturday, January 21, 2006

Set-back on a Saturday

6 I have to say anything else here? It is actually 6:10, and I am fumbling for coffee filters, awareness and the package of Starbucks in the freezer. Fae wakes up and begins making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on autopilot. The phone rings.

Let us flashback to the preceding few days shall we...Wednesday begins time off for both Fae and I. We have great and fantastic plans, yet our bodies say, "you will rest now", as we lumber throughout each day, each day being Wednesday, Thursday and even Friday. Wednesday, Corey arrives for a rehearsal, only he is fatigued, as am I. We watch the dailies from the last shoot, for reference, and then we call it a night. We choose not to resume a rehearsal. Friday is the productive day: I create the magazine for the shoot from scratch, prepare the additional props and gear, go over my notes and I retrieve my costume. My final task is to trim my beard to similar specs as our last shoot, which I achieve by taping a production still of myself to the mirror in our bathroom. After a shower I am off to bed. Before I retire, I call Corey to insure he is aware of the proper rendezvous point. He is sick and has called out from work. He states his intentions of continuing with the shoot.

As the phone rings at 6:20ish, I know who it is. Corey is in sad shape. As much as I love to create, as much as I love this film...I resort to what I really wanted to do this morning anyway...I go back to bed.

Later in the day, I found myself with Bret, discussing new strategies.


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