Monday, July 31, 2006

Saffron is the only coffee house that matters!

The recent discovery (recent as in the past few months) of Saffron Coffee Food and Art has inspired me, again, with the fact that Tulsa's numerous failings may find redemption, and that a haven of artistic individuals can exist in the void of what we call Oklahoma. The staff and the owner are remarkable people, and the atmosphere reminds of places in the past that once inspired words and ideas within me. It is what a coffee house should be, but, unfortunately, rarely is.

Recently, the local independent publication in Tulsa held their annual Best of Tulsa poll, which is usually inaccurate, and history has, indeed, repeated itself! A chain coffee shop (you know which one!) came in at number one. This is Tulsa at its best, denying the local flavor for what is force fed through the mass media driven capitalistic empire...and the hard-working souls of Tulsa's would-be culture and community suffer.

Yet, here you have a young, single Mother of two who owns and operates her own establishment, despite the odds and the obstacles thrown in her way; what do other people do, besides take their overprivelaged hand-outs? The owner of Saffron is also one of the few people in Tulsa that gets the idea about supporting art. She constantly allows artist and musicians alike, to perform and display their craft without a penny for herself, believing that the art actually brings presence to her establishment. That is why Saffron is the only coffee house in Tulsa that matters!


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