Monday, July 31, 2006

"Solid" Update, and many thanx to Brian Jackson and Bret Mix!!!

Friday nite we drove North 75 to North Yale Auto
Parts...we drove even further inside amidst the
wreckage, where I, in my fatigued state, tried to
adapt the scenery to the scene...leaving in a week for
Seattle has left little time for me to read over my
own script!

I want to thank Brian for being patient, trusting and
of course technical. I was running late, and he was
patient. I had to wait for Bret, and he was
patient...and he set up the generator and rigging
while he waited. His duties included: gaffer, grip,
camera assistant and cicada wrangler! Thanx, are very appreciated!

Bret was very level headed, especially in my
frustration, and he offered a professional solution to
everything I may have struggled with, and he listened
to what I wanted.

It is unfortunate, but the film will have to see it
its conclusion in Seattle. It is too hot here for the
Phoenix scenes. In the meantime, Bret will be editing
and I will be filming. I have three more scenes to
shoot this week. I hope for a late 2007 release.
Thanx to everyone!!!


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