Monday, July 31, 2006


We leave Monday, bound for green air and people determined to live in spiritual freedom. I leave behind the smog of disregard, hate and greed that I have come to associate with the city of Tulsa, and the state of Oklahoma. I do have to point out that we have met some amazing people trapped in this maze, and we have gained some fascinating experiences...of those people and places, Tony in Waco, he is still one of the most accomplished and gifted musicians alive, Jes Lenee of Autumn Shade...a talent beyond her years, she has transformed poetry and song, Derick Snow...a man of many faces and a thousand smiles, Bruce and Tabitha...keeping the voices in rhythm, Eric and Jes...good times and wine, Tony Clyde and the Four Horsemen...the growing Celtic pulse of Tulsa, Brian...a good friend that I will always remember, Corey...the laughter never stops, nor should it ever, Janna and the Crew from Down For Five...keeping the metal alive despite the lack of Tulsa's support, sexy, sexy man, Jacob...a bass playin' gin drinkin' fool, Hodgepodge...sadly, the only presence of Zine Culture in Tulsa, Russell...supporting metal and supporting the scene, Jesse Jaymes...the wild frontier of New Wave's next generation, the Nightingale Theater, Cains Ballroom, Caz's, Charles Elmore, Jodain and Josh Massad, Dreamtime, Adam Tichenor and Congress of a Crow, Timber Wolfe, Andy Callis, Brian Parton...the sexiest man in Punk Twang Music, Bret of the best friends you could ask for and one of the best people I know (oh, and he's good with a motion picture camera, too!), and Jenna from Saffron...she is an amazing person who is headstrong, determined and she has a good soul - I admire her will and strength, as much as I admire her ability to keep the dream.

Tulsa will, soon, be behind us...although we leave behind the little treasures that Tulsa continues to ignore.


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