Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Seattle Trip

On the Fourteenth of June, we departed for Seattle...job hunting and apartment location, that's what we were about during this trip...we settled in at SeaTac, stayed at a groovy little motel after acquiring Zisou, our spirited little Aveo rental, and we dined at IHOP at 2am...searched Federal Way for jobs and apartments...went as far south as Tacoma...drove back North towards Kent, and stayed the night...met Gary and hung out for a spell...applied at a staffing agency...drove around Auburn and Kent, then up into Bellevue, staying at a Hilton on the tenth story...nice view of the freeway...met, again, with our good friend Gary...drove to Kirkland, chasing down a fresh bought cigar and Kennewick and Strombow Cider with a night walk in the marina...fantastic makes me want to sail with the moon...the next day, we drive to Mukilteo, ferry over to Whidby Island, drive two hours crossing over onto Fidalgo Island by way of Deception Pass, and into Anacortes...Fae nearly buys a candy store...we decide we like the island life, so we drive to Mt. Vernon to apply at a personnel service that covers Anacortes...spend half the day there...decide to move on towards fun...the next morning, my phone rings and it is the temp agency telling me I have a felony...I call Tulsa takes two tries before someone digs deep into the problem...middle name mix-up...yay for me...pretty much guilty until proven on the problem all day and the next...leave on the plane...return.


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