Friday, June 09, 2006

The "Memory" Shoot - Cancelled

I finally pushed through my fatigue, and found enough energy to view the potential tape for this Saturday's shoot. I am down to only twenty minutes or so, and this would be a lifesaver. On the other hand, I would also enjoy the extra sleep gained, and I do not look forward to temperatures reaching one hundred degrees Fahrenheit.

I pop in the tape, rewind and then...I see it. Footage from Bret's collaboration with Craig Mullins, Read Me a Story. I know that Bret would not want to tape over this! I make the call to Jes and Derick and cancel the shoot. Without any money or time, I can not acquire the tape I need. Professional grade digital video tape is not available here. One of the many additional reasons why Tulsa and Oklahoma is a waste in my eyes.

I will have to wait until we return from Seattle before I can schedule anything. It occurred to me today, that once we are in Seattle, not only will I be able to find Super 8 film stock, but I will also be able to rent motion picture cameras and exist in an atmosphere that supports my chosen art form.


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