Sunday, March 11, 2007

Emerging from the Depths of the Living and Vacant Mind

It has been awhile since I have written, and I thought it would be a perfect time to jot down these thoughts from the past few months. As it stands, today is uneventful, I'm tired and I don't feel creative at all. I have the time to create, and yet, there is no drive...frustrating.

We had a tremendous success with the first MicroFilmFest in Seattle; the Green Bean Coffeehouse is a wonderful place, and Lisa and Hayden are wonderful people. Syren played their first gig in five years! The Spiral Cafe in VicWest is an amazing place, and the show was fantastic.

December was a busy work month, and we made what will become our annual return to Tulsa for Christmas and Family. While there, we had a wonderful time hanging with Corey at Caz's, and we spent many hours with Derick and Jes. I was able to arrange a film shoot for "Solid", and shooting a scene with my Dad was wonderful. Both of my Parents came through for me on this film.

The new year...well, we continued on, working, planning, creating and trying our best to push forward. Fae and I have attended the open mic for several venues, and we have been able to perform. This is an important pursuit for us both. Fae has been playing consistent gigs at Green Bean, and she is venturing into other territory as well. I have been writing lyrics and poetry, a little at a time. Most recently, I have been practicing scales, learning said scales and trying to write some bass lines for my original songs. I have been sick on an off, fatigued and just taxed creatively. I have organized myself, and now, I have a plan:

Taxes - once we are through with this obstacle, I can look more seriously at funding film and music projects, and I can look at purchasing my Volkswagen Beetle. I am pursuing ideas for electric vehicles as well.

"Solid" - I have to re-acquaint myself with the script, look at where we stopped and where we need to go. I will be reviewing dailies, and making decisions on what scenes will be in the final cut. I have connections to rent the necessary equipment, and I will be scouting locations soon.

Festival - I have been adding films to MySpace, YouTube and Yahoo. As I find more outlets, I will use them. I have added my films, Fae's and films from past Fests, giving those filmmakers unique exposure. I will be planning a call for entries in the next few months.

Music - I am looking forward to recording some of my own material. Fae is quite successful at it, and I am just now coming into my own. I will announce at this time, that I will start out with two musical foundations: the music of Captain Chambers (solo) and The Captain Chambers Collective, which will more than likely be a trio featuring Fae on either guitar or drums. I have other plans, but those are for much further down the road. The appropriate MySpace Music sites will follow.

Film - I have been thinking about many things in this area. I haven't shot any footage since December; before that, it was August. This is hard for me, but I am thinking. I want to immerse myself into Super 8 more and more, and I will probably do so. It is a labor of love that I cannot deny.

All in all, I am blah...I have no drive at the moment, and I am just still. I should drink heavily and write poetry, but I have to drive soon. I will write more in the future...I make no promises as to when.


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