Sunday, November 14, 2004


I had a wonderful Birthday on Friday! The night before, I spent the evening with my Mom and Dad, and we had a wonderful time! Friday morning, I was awakened to a wonderful breakfast, courtesy of Fae. I went to work with a full stomach and I began the day. Work = boredom and tension. I could have a worse job, but I like to be happy, and I sometimes think that a corpse and a rabid dog would be better company. Anyway, work doesn't matter, so I leave that behind and find my way home. I have gifts! Fae bought me Super 8 film, Greendale on DVD, Ed Wood on DVD, and an Ed Wood DVD Box Set! The dogs bought me the coolest sweatshirt, with a pirate printed on the back! Cathy and Kim bought me the coolest t-shirt and long-sleeve shirt. Fae's Mom and Dad bought me a jean jacket...I've always wanted one!!! We left, after opening presents, and went to In the Raw South. We had sushi and beer and good times. We later went to Venue 216, where I put up posters and Fae and I prepared for Tony Romanello's CD Release performance.

We missed Clovis, but the second band (I forget their name!) sucked! I was glad to see everyone, including Tony. It has been a long time. Venue 216 is different than I remember, but Tony still has the same gear, and this gave the scene a familiarity. The new album was released Tuesday the 9th, so I was ready to purchase one of my very own.

The band began to play and, as usual, the sound was off for the first few songs. This is typical; it is a tough venue. The chemistry in this band is amazing, and they never disappoint. The set was entirely new. The entire set list was the new album.

So, we said our good-byes after the show and we began the brisk walk to Caz's. At this point, I feel it necessary to say that my entire evening took place without seeing any of my annoying "past acquaintances". Naturally, we bypassed the Gypsy.

We were greeted warmly at Caz's...Corey was working the door, and he worked the "free drink for your Birthday" angle with unparalleled precision. Once again, no annoying and petty individuals were present. Nick was there. Tony appeared later on. Jesse was working. Various people, floating about, who are now and were at the time, a blur. Fae and I were riding on tandem clouds. The energy was so high, and the music was loud, the music....Al Green! "Let's Stay Together" is playing...a sly Nicky stands in his clever pose, as Beauty and I dance!


I take my free drink - an Irish Car Bomb. I follow with an Elephant Malt, and a not-too-distant return visit to the Car Bomb (#2)..........a Klaster........and I'm done! My feet feel like clouds, and walking to the car was like walking up a very steep incline, backwards! It was not impossible, but it was challenging!

Nick drives us home where we escape the night, but not next morning's hangover!

The Captain was down, but not out. The sign of any good pirate!


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