Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Festival Update - Supplemental

The tiniest details have been taken into account. Now that most everything has fallen into place, the posters are springing up all over Tulsa and we are looking forward to the Opening Night, we finalize the minute details that will apply the final polish to the overall production.

We have secured tables and chairs for the Lobby.

Ushers and Doormen are being negotiated.

The Concession Stand and a dining venue has been established.

Campus Security will be present to provide a safe event for all festival patrons.

The artists and exhibitors are finalizing their displays.

Filmmaker's Info is under development for display at the Festival.

Programs and passes are under development.

The Blue November website is also under development.

The filmmakers are working with Blue November in regards to press materials and films.

When the night finally arrives, the hard work of all those involved and the dedication of those who have supported and contributed will enjoy a rich atmosphere of joy and good spirits. They will experience films internationally, nationally and locally. They will have the chance to see the films and their creators displayed as art and artists respectively. This night will stand as a testament to the potential of art and cinema in Tulsa.


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