Monday, April 25, 2005


The past month has been a whirlwind enigma of chaotic, yet positive flow. Early on, we acquired and moved into our new apartment. It is the most amazing place; we can breathe here. Our pad has been well established and we are now smoothing out the edges. It is a cuddly and cozy place for me and my beloved!

I am currently working on my office space in the front closet.

April 9th was our first target date for the film shoot. We delayed the production in order to avoid haste, and to make sure our equipment was in check. The next date chosen was the 24th, but through the process of establishing schedules and availability, the final choice was this Sunday, the 1st of May.

My two actors met earlier in the month at Caz's. They had a drink in addition to a look at the script.

Our activities for the month were minimal. We took part in the MS Walk, both of our parents have visited for dinner and we had a wonderful evening at Nick's place, having dinner with his parents. Derick and Jes stopped over for tea at one point, and Fae is currently in Victoria, B.C. to return this Wednesday eve.

The fun is about to begin....


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