Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Am I blue?

Monday, May 2nd - film is delivered to the local Wal-Mart to be sent for developing. Why waste time and money at Corporate Greed Headquarters? It is almost half!

Sunday, May 8th - A phone film is ready!

Monday, May 9th
- I pick up the film, eleven rolls, and head for home and my projector. The developing costs me $58.25, instead of the $99 I would have paid just for the processing minus the shipping and handling.

I am tired. I have some time of relaxing before I head to the shower and make way for Borders to meet my Beautiful One for lunch. I am anxious and nervous...this footage is the first in a feature film. I believe in this script...

I return home after a nice dinner rendezvous, and I assemble my projector and begin to project the film on the same foam core board I was unable to use at the shoot. Before I elaborate on the footage thus far, I will say that before I passed out from exhaustion, I watched two and a half reels, one of which was nearly eaten by my projector!

Watching footage really brings you back to that time, the place and all its nuances. I will say that, for the most part, what little of the footage I have seen is poised, indicative of the style I want, it is framed properly and is exposed correctly. The camera(s) performed flawlessly. The imagery, thus far, seems perfect.....except, no BLUE! The one thing that was to make this part of the film so powerful, was the use of simulated night, using a blue filter. I have to impose more detail into this work, and this creates a monumental issue. I could digitally alter the scene in editing, and many people would do that, yet, that is not what empowers me...a simple computer fix? If that was the case, I would shoot digitally to begin with. It is an option nonetheless, and one that I am considering. On the other hand, I know that the scenes could be done differently and that I have a few additional options up my sleeve! I am inspecting the situation very closely.

I still have more footage to watch and I will be doing that soon. I still have a minimal amount of writing on the script, and I will be reviewing my work there as well.

This film is, excuse the pun, solid! I know that this film has the potential to go places. It could be the one, but I will not get caught up in the American sensationalism of making a movie; this is my film, and I know how I want it to look. I just have to find the right path that gets me there.


  • Never project camera original footage!
    Get a telecine transfer to tape.
    Make a black and white workprint.
    Make an Ectachrome workprint
    Make a Kodachrome workprint.
    Shoot 16mm with an anamorphic lens transfer
    to D5 hi definition widescreen tape and you
    can down load it to a DLP/Cinema theater and
    it will look almost as good as STARWARS!

    By Blogger mediacitysam, at 11:33 PM  

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