Monday, May 02, 2005

The Weekend

Work intervened this weekend to an inexcusable degree. On Friday, our month end quota was not met, so we were forced to work the weekend. Allow me to explain why this was catastrophic: this was the last chance I had to spend time with Fae before she left for Dallas and I had to drive her to the airport, Saturday was my prep time for the film shoot, and I had made the commitment to Corey to run the lights for his improv show. And, of course, Sunday was the film shoot. So, after arrangements were made for Fae's departure, we attempted to have some semblance of quality before she left.

We attended The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe at Spotlight Childrens Theater, where our friends Derick and Jes were performing as Peter and Lucy respectively. This was an excellent night, where we were entertained by a Lion named Aslan, marking a strong resemblance to David Coverdale of Whitesnake. The absurd humor continued with such lines as "Always remember to clean your sword.", and "Touch my mane!", all from the aforementioned Lion Man.

The next morning I had to my morning with my Beautiful One was ruined and she left Tulsa with the aid of her Dad. My prep time was now gone, and so the day was useless! I had agreed to help my supporting actor run the lights at his improv group's comedy show, and after that I was exhausted. I went straight home, and to bed.

The next morning would have to carry the weight of all the prep time that was ruined by my job interfering with what is truly important. be continued...


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