Friday, July 29, 2005

No Faith in Tulsa's Media

As we close in on the Deadline for the Festival, I am plagued with the same situation I have experienced in the past two years being a festival promoter: the lack of support from local media.

I should start off by acknowledging those who have given their support and time. In our first year, we were interviewed by Channel 6 and by Z104.5fm. We received press in the local newspaper thanks to John Wooley, and we received a little press in the Urban Tulsa. In our second year, we once again saw John Wooley to be a supporter of the Fest, we received slightly more press in the Urban Tulsa and Channel 2 was our only interview. There were very little callbacks.

This year, it has been like pulling teeth! It took nearly two months of frequent e-mails and faxes to have the Call For Entries listed in the Tulsa World. Urban Tulsa, to date, still has not listed anything, and I have the the documentation to prove my efforts. I have no idea whether my efforts have reached the television or radio media, but I do know this...I am done.

When the time comes for the event, it will be posted, in e-mails and faxes, but not to the ridiculous and laborious degree that has ensued do to lack of support. The Festival will take place, and I refuse to waste my time chasing ghosts.


  • 8/05/05

    I checked the new Urban Tulsa yesterday...of course, there is no mention of any Call For Entries - AGAIN! The Urban Tulsa is worthless to me, and it is a waste of time.

    Captain Chambers

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:47 AM  

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