Saturday, August 06, 2005

Fae and Jes at Shades of Brown

Fae’s gig was finally here! Although she had lost her drummer, she found a new musical partner with the very talented Jes Lenee of Autumn Shade. We arrived at the coffeehouse slightly after Eight. Our gear was unpacked and I began setting up: boom mic (the same one I used at the Gypsy for “Vampire Wedding”), Fae’s music stand and triple guitar stand, stool, gig bags and mic stand and cables from the venue. I tweaked the sound, one mic for guitar and one for vocals, and I would continue to tweak the mix throughout the performance.

Fae and Jes played through the first set, followed by a set of Jes’ new material. After a brief pause, they both returned to play the remaining set. The audience was not huge, yet there were many, including those who were seated and listening that noticed the beautiful song of Fae’s voice. Jes was no exception, and the duo raked in $30 in tips and sold a couple of CDs.

The gig came to a close and the gear was packed and put away. I will be calling again on Monday to set up the next performance.

In relative news, Jes is working on new material. You can check out the latest at the Autumn Shade website.

Fae has been promoting her Victoria BC band, Syren, on Download.Com. Syren is Melody Benbow and Fae Wiedenhoeft, and their music is a beautiful blend of traditional Celtic and Folk and they are currently Number 3 in the World category at Download.Com, and you also visit the Syren website.

Stay tuned for more on upcoming shows.


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