Sunday, August 28, 2005

Looking for Clem

Monday night, at the Irish Times on Government, I was outside on the patio smoking my first Cuban. A couple from Chicago began to converse with Fae and I, and then I overheard a women speak of how absurd American media has become. I immediately turned and agreed with her, which resulted in a conversation with her nearby husband, Clem. Although she left, Clem and I began talking. He was as friendly and down to Earth as he was an interesting conversationalist. His father had been in both World Wars and the Korean War, and we discussed the absurdity of America and the involvement and contribution of those overlooked Canadians who accomplished great feats that Americans choose to ignore.

Then we spoke of Victoria. I feel I have found my home there, as Fae did so many years ago. We are researching and making our effort to leave this Mid-American shithole for something far greater. I spoke of this with Clem.

Clem then offered me his contact info, offering himself as a sponsor! I was immediately stricken with excitement. This was like gold! I, like the idiot I am, handed him my card instead. What!?!?! I may not have had a pen or whatever...I should have found one! I have not heard from him, and I absolutely desire nothing more than to live there. So, Clem, if you are listening...please contact me!!! I am here, I am interested in anything you have to say. My e-mail is, or my number is on the business card I gave you...I will pay for your long distance charges! I also enjoyed our conversation, so thank you.


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