Friday, August 12, 2005

Small Press

I have been rejected five times, now, and I feel fine. I expected that actually, but I do find the same old frustration at the pretentious bastards that hold the pure and the creative under their collective thumbs. This country and the organizations that allege help to the arts are, in fact, just another obstacle, not any different than doubt and complacency. I find that the standards are very high, and limiting, at a publishing house, thus, the same is true for literary agents.

Since I refuse to conform and limit my vision to meet some archaic standard of literary death, I had an idea - small press! I do not want to waste my money and time on self-publishing or an organization that performs said service, so that leaves me with one other alternative.

I have now begun my research, and I am, as always, hopeful for the future. Down with convention!


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