Tuesday, August 09, 2005


I saw a movie on IFC that ignited lost feeling and memories, moved my spiritual winds and saddened me at the loss of integrity in today’s film climate. This passionate film, I will own.

It is “Lost & Delirious”, a Canadian production (I so want to create and shoot film there!), starring Piper Perabo. I vaguely recognize the name Mischa Barton, who is also in the film, but I could not place her if I tried. The part that saddens me is the transformation that so many people, especially women, take on this misguided path to what many call 'success'. It is the American way: no integrity and all-for-money. Piper Perabo is a unique young brunette woman in this film, with a spiritual presence I have learned to both acknowledge and admire, and that is present in her character. Americans will not know her in this film, however, but they know her as the blonde object in “Coyote Ugly”. You now see my sadness.

The story was beautiful – a young woman consumed with the weight of an ill-fated love that would not die despite circumstance. I have had so many people in my past life, people who are not worth the ink or space in written text to even mention, that have told me that a love of this power and magnitude is wrong, or unhealthy. I have traveled many roads during that process, and I have acquired much knowledge, yet I cannot deny the beauty of a love that matters above life and death, a love that devours the soul. This film is a story of conviction, above all else, and that makes it beautiful.


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