Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Stage III - Latest News

Tonight and tomorrow are strict movie watching nights. I have to have the remainder of films screened and chosen before I can devise the schedule, which has to be complete before I meet with Bret on Friday. At that point, he will be handed all chosen films, and he will create three DVD's.

Thursday is a night off, as Fae and I meet with my Dad and journey to the Fair. This will be the first night for me this year.

I have chose one Judge thus far, Jodain Massad, Josh Massad's brother. Jodain is a former student of NYU's Film School. Jodain has referred another gentleman, Charles Elmore, for my consideration as Judge.

Josh Massad and his drumming circle have composed an eleven minute opening performance for the Festival's first night.

Friday at 7pm, I will meet with Bret and Charles Elmore at Starbucks. Bret will receive everything for the next phase of the Festival's pre-production, and we will both interview Mr. Elmore.


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