Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Finding a Music Venue

So I called this guy in regards to the After Party venue for the Festival. I was expecting a professional individual, but then again, my expectations are usually higher than the person's ability to deliver them. This was no exception.

I have to remind everyone that Tulsa is a joke, as is Oklahoma. The reason is that no one believes in a greater cause; they only believe in their personal interests. That is one of the many reasons why Tulsa is left in the dark, and other cities flourish and thrive. It is hard to see this when you're self-absorbed.

So I called this guy that owns a building that once housed a cinema, and that currently holds both a diner and sushi restaurant. I know that bands have played in the vacant space where the cinema use to be, and I thought that would be perfect. So, I called.

I was very patient with his time, and repeated my efforts to contact him at more convenient times. I always try to show respect, and I think I did just that. So, when I finally called and spoke with him, his less-than-personable demeanor was very annoying, but not as much as his attitude. I spoke of the fact that Rebecca Ungermann was one of our performers, to which he replied, "well, as long as we have someone like Rebecca Ungermann, then I think we can make it worth our while"...that is when I began searching for someone else.

I have options at Mercury Lounge, The Venue and I believe that Venue 216 has a new owner, which means I would not have to work with the half-wits from last year!

If you can not tell, it is very frustrating, at times, to promote a festival.


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