Thursday, September 29, 2005

Meeting with Bret and Derick

The meeting was excellent. It is not easy to explain the details of a film festival and its intricacies in the span of two hours, but such was achieved and the groundwork has been laid for the upcoming weeks. After the Fest, I will basically write out an outline and list my contacts in what will become the Bible for Bret's venture alone next year. In the interim, Bret will receive the films I have selected by next Friday. This is the point where all films will be digitized onto his computer, audio and video will be tweaked and streamlined, and three DVD's will be produced.

Derick made it out to see us, and I gave copies of the completed script for Solid to both of them. At present time, I have given scripts to Matthew, Corey, Fae, Adam of Congress of a Crow, Bret and Derick.

In interest of the Festival, I asked Derick to display some of his artwork at the event, to which he accepted.

We parted ways, and I walked away, pleased, at the forward motion of these proceedings.


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