Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Tonight's Meeting - Starbuck's Coffee

This will give you some idea of how I operate.

Yesterday, I called Rebecca Faerstein to acquire another copy of Capoeira Barauna, her late entry from last year. It is one of four DVD's I have that have problems. The film depicts the spiritual exercise of the same name that combines martial arts, gymnastics and dance. Rebecca submitted Transit the year before.

I met with Neil Cluck and gave him $30 for materials. Neil is going to create our Awards again this year, though he is only making four. I decided to downsize this year, and focus on the crucial points of interest. There will be Awards for Best Local Artist, Best Auteur, Best Picture - Short Film and Best Picture - Feature Film.

I have roughly thirty-seven films at this point, and I have seen nearly all of them.

And now, on to tonight!

I have been fighting a cold, and Fae has been doing the same. As a result, I missed out on a meeting last week with Bret. Bret has a tremendous task before him! So, I scheduled to meet with him at Starbuck's on 71st Street tonight at 7pm. This also allows the chance for him to receive his copy of the script, which will be his guide for both the character he portrays and hi editing duties in post-production. I took this opportunity to invite Mr. Derick Snow, and that way, he could receive his script as well. A merry time will be had by all!

I contacted a film and video director at the Living Arts Space, and she was also invited. She is attempting to acquire film for the Fest, and she is submitting her own.

So, that is that....working two to three angles simultaneously, always! I am working on various ideas for the film shoot and I am still struggling, trying to nail down an After Party venue.


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