Friday, May 05, 2006

Ending the Week and Beginning Anew

This past Monday, I met Paulette at the TCC Costume Shop. Amidst headless wigs, wall-to-wall costumes and anime soundtracks, I saw the magnitude of the Phoenix costume in its infancy. I cannot believe that she has spent only $170 thus far. We had set the cap at $200, and she has done remarkably well. The misfortune here is that I cannot pay her sufficiently for her work, so I will recommend her highly, yet not for that reason alone. Her work is exceptional! She is patient with me, and she listens well. Her ideas are as valuable as her skills with fabric. Now, I am faced with the fact that the Phoenix has very little screen time for such a costume; my goal is to expand and correct that mistake. This is where you need to be careful! Giving an element screen time for the sake of giving said element screen time is incorrect and done much to often. I want to create a legitimate reason for this character to be present, and at the same time, have fun with it as well. One idea I have already, is to have the Phoenix in the Chapter divisions on screen, meaning, I plan to have the titles of all the Chapters, from the script, as text on screen, and the Phoenix will be in the shot as well. Another idea involves a speaking role. The Phoenix, has greater purpose...


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