Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Exxon Mobil - From your pocket, to ours!

That's my new slogan for Exxon. First they spill and kill, and now they push their oily bath forwards with a hypocrisy that rivals that of the Christian faith, by declaring a record-breaking profit for 2006. As they gouge consumers at the pump with high prices, their net income was $39.5 billion, or $4.5 million an hour. They claim that the costs of operations come at a heavy cost, as do beach homes, private jets and twenty car garages. Their lies are yours to ignore, however, because I look around me and see the same ridiculous automobiles (Hummer, Escalade, any SUV for that matter) being driven as mass transit and alternate modes of transportation are ignored. You willingly give them your money as you complain about high gas prices. Imagine the research into alternate fuel technology...

Their profits even exceed that of Wal-Mart, the most irresponsible, environmental terror in Corporate America. Let's talk about Wal-Mart and boycotts, shall we?

Since moving to the State of Washington, my mission could not be clearer. As Starbucks plans to add 40, 000 more stores this year, killing all small business in its wake, it is easy to see how programmable this Nation is, and has become. I think Hitler would kick himself for not thinking of it first! World domination by complacency and consumer goods. Wal-Mart and Starbucks...why haven't they teamed together yet? It only makes good sense, really. Every niche of culture and nostalgia in every small town across the country would fall, and the Mom and Pop stores would disappear forever...not to worry, though! They can be enslaved as a door greeter, or a barista, watching their memories and dreams float away with every dollar bill you slap on the counter.

It's simple - boycott! I have not paid a dime for Starbucks since arriving in its place of birth, nor have I set foot into a Wal-Mart. I do buy groceries from regional chains, I buy goods from Target from time to time, and I still have an occasional Pepsi. The difference is that I am aware of things, and I don't lie down and blindly accept them.

So this is my cause:

Boycott Starbucks - buy fair trade, shade-grown, and buy from local establishments like the Green Bean Coffeehouse.

Boycott Wal-Mart - you know what? Their prices are not that different from grocery stores or other department stores. And shop Trader Joe's and PCC when you can.

Boycott Chain Bookstores - with the exception of Half Price Books...what is so hard about supporting local?

Boycott Complacency - yeah, it isn't always convenient to do these things, but at the rate we're going, the Corporations will have killed them all soon enough.

Here's a tip. Just drive to Starbucks/Wal-Mart/Exxon headquarters, and just hand them your money...or mail it to them, I don't care. It is quicker, more direct and you accomplish the same thing.


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