Thursday, May 17, 2007

Update on the New Short Film: Location

Thursday was a trip to meet with a fellow mind in the arena of artistic vision, John Nemchik. His studio space in Pioneer Square is superb! It was used by the photographer who worked with Joe Downing, one of my cast members for Water from the Mountain. Joe gave me the name and number of this cat named John. Fae and I went down to meet with him and check out the space. It turns out that his entire space, which he uses for his photography, is available to rent for eighty dollars a day! The space is quite large, and the location I saw in the photographs is nothing more than a freight elevator. I secured the location for Sunday, June 3rd.

John is very supportive of the process of creating, pledging his physical labor and assistance to my project for the entirety of the day in question. He was a good, easy person to talk to. I will, most likely, use his services again!

Joe Downing and Mallory Blackwell have been cast alongside Fae in this short film. Final casting for the “older/elderly woman” remain a problem that will soon be remedied. My first choice was a woman from a talent agency. We all know that I do not like talent agencies, and here’s why: aside from being pompous and artistically lacking, they are meat markets for young girls and a haven for unnecessary industry categorization. My choice is SAG, so her “contract” would not allow her to perform a two minute role in a short film! I expected as much. That is her bag, not mine, but still a disappointment. My other choice will be better!

I hope to have a wonderful film shoot, and I want everyone to enjoy themselves. This will be the first footage for Captain Chambers shot in Seattle!


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