Sunday, April 29, 2007

Decompression of the Soul...and Taffeta

I am looking at possible rentals for the Panasonic DVX100 in Victoria, BC. I have a few ideas for “Solid”, and there are several location possibilities in and around that city.

My light meter seems to be working, which is good. I bought it from a camera store that closed near 18th and Boston in Tulsa…paid only fifteen bucks for it. I have another Kalimar on the way from California; I won it on ebay for four dollars.

I dubbed my short films onto VHS today for Karl. I added “asc” and “History”, the two cinema pieces of Fae’s design. I am putting together another video compilation for the local newspaper film critic, as I prepare the press release for the June 22nd film screening at the Green Bean Coffeehouse.

Fae and I went to Lynnwood yesterday for coffee, forty-nine cent cassettes and stationery supplies. I spotted a fabric store across the way, and we spent a good hour and a half sifting through reams of fabric. I am still searching for my harlequin fabric for “Asphalt Canvas”. My mood was less than average; I always try to maintain my uniform state of natural bliss. The last few days of the workweek treaded heavily down, and I was unable to recover quickly. And now I am walking through colors, impressed upon fabric, and my childhood returns in an echo of color and memory…my sensibilities offer unto me a new offering, and there, in a chain fabric store, I find a bliss that only I could see.

It offers me ideas…for a new film, ideas on current things and now I have the desire to return to my eccentric fashionable roots, the kind of fashion that makes most people cringe, and I desire to make my own clothing.


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