Saturday, April 21, 2007

Kurosawa Short Film

Still listening to 3121...that's where that purple party people be...3121. Now I'm listening to Slow, Deep and Hard, the first album from Type O Negative. My Danzig CD should be arriving soon...

On a recent trip to Uwajimaya, I found an index card for a film short contest from the Kurosawa Foundation. I am still trying to watch a number of his films that I have yet to see, but if you don't know who he is, at least, then start learning! At any rate, this contest focuses on various aspects of human life in the span of ten minutes, and it is due on or before June 30th! That gives me about two months to shoot, edit, transfer and master said film.

With that said, I have a vision! My concept involves the idea of tears and the caring of Mother Earth. I hope to employ possible candidates from the casting pool of Asphalt Canvas, the music and artwork of Fae, and the scenery of Victoria and Seattle both.

In other related news, I have spoken with Bret and we are finalizinf many aspects of Solid, in order to decide on the final shoot. I have attended my first class at the Northwest Film Forum on Super 8 Transfer.

The script is nearly complete for the new short film, and depending on the budget, I am considering an old friend for a role in the new feature...if it takes flight!


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