Monday, April 30, 2007

Set Into Motion

I am sitting here watching MySpace filmmakers from Seattle, trying to find potential colleagues and inspiration. I want to believe in a community, or at least a basis for common ground, and I am happy to be finding a shred of creative vision in the air, or, on the Net.

Today was better than the last three days of last week, the workweek. I am on the move, and I have my tasks laid out before me. I begin my phone calls.

I didn’t receive a first break, so at lunch, I eat and then I open the files. I begin by calling Kodak; I have not called them in some time, and it feels good to do so. Hoping to find a stash of the now discontinued Kodachrome 40, I am disappointed to find that is completely gone. On the other hand, the black and white reversal stock has gone down in price to $10.59 per roll, and the new Ektachrome 64T is only $14.00.

The next phone call…Dwayne’s Photo Lab in Parsons, Kansas. They process Kodachrome, and after a brief conversation, I discover they still do. They, too, are without K40, but they sell the new stock and they process it. For those of you who are new to this new stock, it uses Kodak’s E6 processing, which is used primarily for slide film.

I call Cinevic in Victoria, BC for my third call, and I have a wonderful conversation with Mark. It appears that I can, indeed, rent the Panasonic DVX100 from them for $100 per day. Although, filming the scene I want may take some clever production, or it will cost me $700 worth of insurance and permits.

I leave work at the usual time. I’m happy to be free, and I make my way North, toward downtown Bothell. As I am waiting for Fae, I make another phone call from the parked Buick. This time, I’m on the phone with Nicole of the Pullman Chamber of Commerce. Pullman is one of my choices for “Asphalt Canvas”, after I discovered the area from the Washington State Tourism Guide that I purchased for the very reason of location scouting. Her information was informative, and I was very happy to discover that one of the nearby towns, Palouse, is where one of my favorite film scenes occurred, that of the opening of the movie “Toys”, which I just ordered online.

Tomorrow…I order film!


  • I hope for the best with the rest of your shoot!

    I and some friends had a fund raiser yesterday at the last minute here in Tulsa, at the former home of Seekers. The lightning and torrential rain behind me in the huge windows were an incredible sight to paint to.

    I sure am glad you are keeping up with your art, I'll talk to you soon.


    By Blogger Adventure Artist Derick, at 8:41 AM  

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