Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Everspiraling Fun Fun Blur!

It has been some time.....let's begin.

I have been sick. As I slowly recover, I feel my energy levels rising, and the need and the want and the fire begetting sparks into new forms, and I breathe again. I have felt unproductive, because all I have felt is fatigue...dreamy-dreamy eyes falling in the rain, out of touch, out of paint and fuel; I have much to do.

So where am I at? The short, "Water from the Mountain" should be finished soon, at least principal photography. I still have pictures to post, and that will be finished soon. In the meantime, I have scouted a few locations and have rewritten a few elements of the beginning. I think I shall use the various scenes of "urban development" around us to show the defacing of the Earth, and my ocean scene at the end will be shot in Edmonds. A scene has been added to the beginning, which will take place at Snoqualmie Falls. I have opted for a different transfer house for the short film; the other is just too expensive for shorts at $300/hr, but I will still utilize them for the new feature film. I hope to have these shots complete by month's end.


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