Thursday, May 24, 2007

Time Table

I have chosen to shoot some scenes for the end chapter of Solid on Vancouver Island. This may remain the only choice of location and it may also be shared with locations in Washington. I know where I can rent the DVX100, and for how much. The tactics for filming will have to be guerrilla fashion, since ridiculous amounts of money are unnecessarily needed to acquire permits.

One choice is Long Beach, on the Western Coast. Our potential trip there in June has been cancelled. Due to other events and scheduling concerns, September may be the earliest point at which to scout this location. The window for actual production is limited; it begins raining in October, seriously in November and December and does not fade until April. Simply put, it is either early to mid October, or April! Other scenes involve the streets of Victoria during the winter.

Between now and then, I will have seen more of the immediate area around me. A great deal of location scouting for Water from the Mountain and Asphalt Canvas will undoubtedly yield location possibilities for Solid. This would best suit the goal of our 2008 release date.


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