Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mr. Impressionable

The opinions of many are limited in strength and significance. Hi. My name is Captain Chambers, and I obviously do not have a mind of my own, nor do I have the power of choice.

Going against the grain is a peculiar experience. It allows people to totally disrespect you, your point of view and your personal vision. I have done it most of my life, going against the grain that is, and I have met opposition from every angle. I am well seasoned, as they say.

As a child at Justus Elementary School, where I attended Kindergarten through Eighth Grade, I was the outcast and the nerd and the weakling and the dork that was made fun of by all for what their parents trained them for, what most parents train their children for, even today, in America: to spit on and beat the weak. Survival of the fittest/strongest, right? I stood out, and was different…because that was who I was and am. Same thing in High School; conformity is always the chosen drug of peer pressure. Even so-called friends were against my inevitable state of being. Where are they now? I know where I am.

Working in Claremore, Oklahoma with the foul stench of Conservatives and Baptists, it was the same thing. What is simple to me is alarming or “weird” to the lesser intellect.

Fast-forward to the here and now…last week I spoke with someone who asked me about my current short film. I told him of my situation, not being able to meet the contest deadline due to lab scheduling and time allowed. He condescendingly said, without consideration of my thoughts, that “with digital, there wouldn’t be any need for a lab…you can shoot and edit, even make it look like crappy film.”

I shoot Super 8mm. I also shoot digital on occasion, and I am not against doing so. I choose to shoot Super 8. That is my choice. That is my love. Harley Davidson motorcycles are in constant state of repair, overly expensive and leak like a mini Valdez, but that doesn’t stop the people who love them from riding them. I leave them be, despite the fact I think they are ridiculous things, I still understand.

I got this just today…I am trying to find a service shop for my Beaulieu 4008, the camera I choose to utilize for “Asphalt Canvas”, and I contacted a business in California…this is my response:


I guess I have “impressionable” written across my forehead.


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