Monday, May 23, 2005

Hard Choices Ahead

As I sit here writing, battling a cold, I am faced with an idea that has become a recent reality. Solid has a great potential. The script is unique and in-depth, the characters are wonderful and the style stand on its own. The dilemma is simple: do I have the right people for the job? I need people who can immerse themselves into the characters they have been given. I need that commitment. I am still reviewing the footage, and even after I am done, I will review it again, yet one thing remains clear...the shoot was sloppy. On my end, there was not adequate rehearsal time, a point that will change for the future. My concern, however, is my star. Although, it is his natural state that lured me to his presence, his aloof manner limited the accuracy of his lines, especially since he did not rehearse, nor could he find his script. I must take the appropriate measures on my end to insure proper rehearsal, and I must discuss the matter with Matthew if we are to continue. The haphazardness of the shoot creates many frustrations in syncing the performance with the unavoidable voice-over that must take place. These are the tribulations of the director's chair.


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