Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Fae's Birthday in Claremore

What?!?! Yes, ladies and gentleman, we spent the afternoon in Claremore. After watching the extended version of Gladiator until 3am, we awoke 'round 11 to our breakfast of scones (made by me!) and clotted cream and raspberry preserves. Fae opened her gift of one America CD and her chapbook I made for her. At 2pm we left for Claremore...we drove around and through the streets. Fae always wanted to see where I came from...where I lived, so here we are! We found a wonderful pottery shop that we will visit in the near future. I drove all around Claremore before we snuck into the Will Rogers Musuem! Then we had a delightful dinner at Hammet House. We left for home, only to leave again for Caz's. Corey, Jessica and Eric and Corey's friend Shawn were there, and so was Jesse. The music was bitchin' and the Sing Ha was the best! Happy Birthday, Beautiful!


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